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  • Cancellation of car reservation

    My flight to San Diego was cancelled due to the blizzard that was to hit NYC. I preceded to cancel my car rental through priceline. They said I was going to be charged a cancellation fee. but complaint is that no where on my itinerary does it say you will be charged a fee. The exact wording is as follows "If flight cancellations outside of your control keep you from picking up your car, you will able to cancel your reservation upon verification." does not say fees will apply!!! More...

    If you use PriceLine's "Name Your Own Price" service, you could end up with a bad choice of airline. EXAMPLE: Frontier Airlines charges $25 per carry-on bag, when most domestic airlines provide your first carry-on free. Extra fees can be a got'cha to a winning bid. EXAMPLE: Recently Korean Air executive Cho Hyun-ah, who was the executive head over cabin service, turned the plane around at JFK because macadamia nuts were served to first-class passengers in a bag rather than on a plate. They berated the senior steward, forced them to kneel in apology, then kicked... More...
    iyzxzu's Picture   iyzxzu    0 Comments   Comments

    I just purchased a room from Priceline. I also purchased the insurance. As soon as they sent me the confirmation I checked online with the actual hotel. The hotel cost was cheaper than Priceline. I immediately contacted Priceline, within 5 minutes. They claimed it was less, even though I sent them to the actual site. They refused to cancel the reservation nor to honor the insurance. ONE BIG ripoff. Now the hotel gets 1/2 the money for the room and I paid for useless insurance and more for the room than I could have if I had wanted to pay for a room of this caliber in the first place. More...
    paulineabrego's Picture   paulineabrego    0 Comments   Comments

    I booked a $1200 flight for my daughter to travel from the USA to England for a study abroad program. When her passport did not arrive in time, we had to place the ticket on hold and re-booked it a few days later for $1600 (plus about $300 in other fees). When they re-booked the flight, they didn't add the return flight. Now we have to pay another $1000 for a one way return. Their complaint department is absolutely worthless. They refuse to re-book the flight and didn't even offer a discount. Never, ever use this service. More...
    neumank's Picture   neumank    0 Comments   Comments
  • Why did I believe it

    I booked 02 airline tickets through the website for $602. I purchased the insurance and all. I had to cancel my tickets due to a family emergency that apparently doesn't warrent a refund. Since when did companies become so ill operated, that they do not care about their customers? Why is that I can freely spend that $600 and get perfect help in spending it, but the second I cannot continue with the travel they expect me to pay them an additional $35 and then the Airline $200 to cancel. Then not even get my refund back. I understand that you have to pay Kaley Cuoco and William Shatner... More...
    thewappy's Picture   thewappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor rating

    We were very disappointed in this property due to very run down conditions, smelly room and overall sub par room. This looks and feels like a 2 or 3 star hotel and not a supposed 4 star. We will not be using Express deals again for fear of this happening again. Best Western beats this hotel!!! More...
    sbennatt's Picture   sbennatt    0 Comments   Comments

    We (my family, my sister-in-law's family) planned a weekend trip to the NJ shore on 8/22/14-8/24/14. We had 10 people traveling with us. I had never used before, but was referred to them. I bid on 3 rooms for 2 nights at $91 per night (plus taxes) and got my bid offer accepted. When I received the email from telling me that, it didn't specify what bed setups were included. I called the hotel, and found out that they were reserved as 3 King beds. With 10 ppl that wouldn't work, but the hotel clerk informed me that they cannot make changes to a... More...
    eeinbin1's Picture   eeinbin1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline fraud

    Please people do not use PRICELINE. I repeat DO NOT USE PRICELINE for anything. Tell your colleagues, your family and everyone. I have used priceline for a while now, I had a bad experience with them last year when I booked a flight, I received a text message that the flight would leave later. This flight actually left on time and I was stuck. please read this ( /blog/2008/04/25/why-hotels-hate-priceline-guests-other-dirty-little-secrets/ ) Please open that link and read all about priceline. Recently they messed me up again. I booked an hotel and getting them... More...
    funmeme001's Picture   funmeme001    0 Comments   Comments

    You may safe a few dollars through biding on the Hotel but this is only a good for a two person Getaway. If you are going to go out of town with your family they are unable to help you get two beds in one room. You just get what it is and you are unable to cancel because you have to BUY the fifteen dollar insurance ever time you bid to see if you can maybe get two beds in one room. It is cheaper to go on Kayak and spend the extra 20 dollars originally and not have to deal with this issue. In addition to the bed situation, I bided for a room downtown, which we did not get. BAIT AND SWITCH... More...
    Cat80TX's Picture   Cat80TX    0 Comments   Comments
  • the worst exprience with priceline

    I bought a room from the express on June 24. It show me that I can choose how many beds in the beginning. But even thought I all finished my payment. It still didn't tell me how many beds. At the end I know the hotel is Rodeway Inn Oceanside LA. So I called the customer to make sure to give me two beds because I(female) go with my father. But I am very disappointed. They said they can't help me to do anything. I won't use the priceline again. I will tell my experience on the internet to let another one to know it. More...
    Yan123's Picture   Yan123    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst hotel booking ever

    I would not recommend Priceline express deals or bidding ever. They don't give options to select number of people and when making a request for 2-queen bed room, they charge extra hidden charges. Not at all customer friendly or helping. In fact they let you ping pong between the hotel and priceline itself. We pay to priceline and they tell us to pay to hotel for the "hidden charges" at the name of special requests. book you a 2 star hotel on the name of 3 star and examples do not list the hotel also. Very worst experience. More...
    nupurnaik14's Picture   nupurnaik14    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline hung out to dry

    Just read a review here that states that a customer of yours booked a Hertz rental car for a flight destination, then had to be admitted into the hospital for a blood clot which ended up paralyzing them. Customer called Hertz previous to the pickup date and Hertz cancelled without charge. However, you did not. As I write this, I have also checked the "Post this review to Facebook" box. I will reiterate this story on the job tomorrow for the newsletter and on campus, where the company I work for is more like a small town. I will then follow this up with informing all friends,... More...
    2thandnail's Picture   2thandnail    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst online flight booking company

    It took more than 6 weeks for Priceline to finally organise the cancellation and refund of tickets on Garuda despite Garuda telling me from day 1 that a refund would be granted. For weeks Priceline told me that Garuda were not responding to their emails. As the flight date approached I rang Garuda in Australia who gave me an email address to pass on to Priceline. This time Priceline did not use the excuse that Garuda did not respond but instead claimed that there was no attachment. Luckily Garuda had sent me a copy of the email with the attachment and I then forwarded this to Priceline. I... More...
    phoops's Picture   phoops    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst travel website ever

    We reserved our hotel for 2 nights 2 days in advance. Received email confirmation immediately for our reservation. When we arrived in town and tried to check in, the hotel had no record of our reservation at all, somebody somewhere lost it. To make matters worse they told us that they were full and had no rooms available and we would need to call priceline. Fast forward 20-30 minutes of waiting on hold with a screaming one year old outside the hotel and we just decided our trip was bust and we got back in the car and headed back home (still on the phone). After about an hour we finally got... More...
    sotonin's Picture   sotonin    1 Comments   Comments

    Don't buy any tickets or any service from this website. pay the extra 100 dollars instead of having priceline charge your account twice for two cancelled reservation. They kept telling me the money will be credited back within 24 hours but it has been a week and my account is negative 3500 because of them, and they never refunded the money back but keep telling me they did!!!! and that it's my bank's processing time, which isn't true. My bank didn't receive any refunds to process from them. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE, IT'S NOT WORTH SAVING AN EXTRA BUCK... More...
    MNLEV's Picture   MNLEV    0 Comments   Comments
  • Changes Reservations without approval was my first attempt at trying to save money. The wind up, was that they have a system in place to change your reservation without being obvious and you are held to the charges. I rented a one way drop off for a car rental: Pick up in one location, and droop off in another. They gave me a great deal and the chat room said I had nothing to worry about for the charges to drop off at a different location, if they accept my bid. The windup- they changed the reservation to return the car to the same place, and that was their change not mine. I called and they said "we will... More...
    DNMNT's Picture   DNMNT    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading Express Deals Hotels

    I have been a customer for over 10 years and have used the "name your own price" feature with much success and also purchased rooms at the published prices. I have had no complaints until today when I tried to book a hotel in Orlando for five nights starting tomorrow (Jan. 1, 2014), using the Express feature. This listed a 2.5 star hotel in Altamonte Springs/Maitland for $45.00/night, to include free parking, internet and breakfast. The hotels listed in the box under "What hotel?" where: Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Best Western, Holiday Inn,... More...
    ukheld's Picture   ukheld    2 Comments   Comments
  • WORST worst travel web site

    I try to make a reservation last night on their web site since they offer "best rate" (hotel only), after choosing the amenities, etc and then proceeded with the check out. On my first attempt the system said "sorry we were unable to process your CC", I thought that I made a mistake on a number or something, so I tried again, same thing. I used a different CC and got the same message. At this point I say to myself "forget it" and move on. Within an hour I receive an alert from my bank notifying me of 3 transactions for the same amount! Surprise! More...
  • Priceline: "No Refunds"

    My wife booked a hotel with two rooms for her, me and my parents, for a trip to visit our son & daughter-in-law during Thanksgiving. She used the Name-Your-Price tool and was awarded an acceptable price for a nice hotel. When we were notified as to the hotel in which we would be staying, I visited the hotel website to inquire as to what we could expect. Wow, was I surprised to read (in BOLD print) "Please note: Our resort has a $15.00 service fee per room per night to be collected upon departure." Ok, $15.00 is not much, but it raised our room rate by $90. I called PL... More...
    ronecook's Picture   ronecook    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline ticket mix up

    I am a frequent priceline user and have bought many airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel stays through the site. So when my husband went to plan my 30th birthday trip he thought he should check it out. He had never used the bidding feature before and accidentally bought 2 round trip tickets for $1,300 without realizing it. He has also purchased round trip tickets on Southwest that were far cheaper and that he could use some frequent flyer points on. He just called today and was given NO HELP in resolving his claim, just a "sorry its nonrefundable." At least Southwest is... More...
    hld1d6's Picture   hld1d6    0 Comments   Comments

    Today I contacted price line to receive a price adjustment on my hotel. I was on the phone for 10 mins and disconnected, called again on the phone for 22 mins, disconnect, then on the phone again for 10 mins for the gentleman to tell me that they could not find the deal now. I lost the deal due to the amount of time your customer service rep took to assist me. The gentleman then proceed to tell me that they do not disconnect their calls. I have been a loyal customer with price line for years but after today's service will no longer use your services any longer. More...
    SHARDY5118's Picture   SHARDY5118    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancellation Policy

    I reserved a hotel in Hollywood through priceline, and I accidently reserved the wrong day. Once I realized this, on the day we were going to the hotel, I tried to call and cancel, and they said I was 2 hours too late to cancel. They were extremely rude, and wouldnt even try and help me find another hotel. As a business, I would have hoped that all though I couldnt get my money back, they could have credited it to my account, and maybe put it toward another hotel for the night we needed it. I spoke with 2 very unprofessional people, who basically said, there was absolutely nothing they... More...
    palaciosam's Picture   palaciosam    0 Comments   Comments
  • the worst ull find!

    words cannot desbrice how misleading and awful this company AND its employees were. all i can say is dont....dominic #825936 lied to me serveral times and when asked about it he compounded his lies...making the situation worse....i spoke with a jackie #5260284 who was basically the same robotic person who only responded with standard english because she could not comprehend what i was saying.....after 2 hrs i was offered 25 off if i booked another $70 for a second night. since im trapped i might as well take the discount for all the b.s.! worst ever please urself the nonsense. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    booca08's Picture   booca08    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline double billed my credit card....and wont remove it!

    Priceline customer service sucks! They double billed my credit card and won%u2019t remove the charge. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and apparently this is a common event for Priceline. Anyway, 6 weeks later, I%u2019m still arguing with Priceline as they disputed my dispute and now I have to start over again. After a lengthy conversation with another Priceline customer service rep, they basically told me to just to sue them as they we%u2019re going to help. Unfortunately it%u2019s not that easy to sue Priceline as you have to sue them in CT. Simply put, book direct and... More...
  • Priceline Did not honor the Price Match guarentee

    I recently booked a rental car through name your own price on After few hours ,i found a lower price for the same exact iternary and category of vehicle and called customer service to see if they can price match the lower price . After talking to 3 ppl and one supervisor , they said they cant match the price as they could not see it at their end . The lower price was visible across 5 different computers and mobile phone. So i faxed them a screenshot of the lower price . Priceline said its still not valid as they claimed cant see at their end . I would never use priceline... More...
    slickshopper's Picture   slickshopper    1 Comments   Comments
  •, a company without a heart!!

    My family has been using for years. Yesterday, five days into a trip to move my Mom from a hospital to a rehab facility after she sustained a spinal cord injury earlier this summer, I was notified that our 10 year old, beloved rescued Greyhound "Teddy" had gone into renal failure. The vet was doing what she could to keep him comfortable, allowing me time to get back home as quickly as possible to say a final goodbye to my buddy. I immediately called Priceline and was informed that because of their policies, they absolutely would not change my reservation, even... More...
  • Price Line Confidentiality

    I recently applied for a job with Price Line, super excited super happy hoping I might get a call back. Instead I was fired from my previous job for applying at Price Line because the manager saw where I worked and told my regional manager I was applying for a job, I don't know what manager it was but that's a breach of my privacy and put me in a right crap situation paying my bills, my rent, looking after myself, my partner and my dog. Its none of anyone business but your companies who applies for jobs or not sooooo thanks heaps for getting me sacked- maybe you should run through... More...
    littleess's Picture   littleess    0 Comments   Comments

    I made a reservation today and I selected the date of 7/20 for check in and 7/21 for check out. After it took my credit card information it had the wrong dates; check in 7/28 and 7/29. I called the hotel and they said to call Priceline. I called Priceline and talked to "Robin" in Asia. She said she couldn't change the date or refund my money. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she said there were no supervisors or managers to speak to. BEWARE OF SCAM!!! THE DATES WERE CORRECT UNTIL THEY RECEIVED MY DEBIT CARD PAYMENT. I will no longer be using! I will be... More...
    boatinmom's Picture   boatinmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Low Price Guarantee

    I recently purchased an airline ticket through Priceline at what I thought was a low price guaranteed. Three days later I see the same flight advertised for two hundred dollars less. When I contacted Priceline they told me that I was locked into the price and that I missed the window opportunity to cancelled (24 HOURS) or changed my ticket. It was written in fine print on another page. Not even written on my reservation page. You make sure you read all the attachment pages. Even Wal-Mart give refunds pass 24 hours. Why are they allowed to do this? I spoke to the Airline that Priceline... More...
    VBacote's Picture   VBacote    0 Comments   Comments
  • No refund for a rental car due to a medical emergency.

    My husband booked a rental car from Hertz through He was to fly to Maine from San Diego, CA. On May 30th he was admitted to the hospital. On May 31st he had a blood clot removed from his spine which caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down. On June 1st I contacted Hertz and explained he had to cancel the rental car and the reasons why. Hertz was very understanding and told me there would be no charge since I cancelled before the pickup date of June 6. Later on I noticed there was a charge on our credit card from, in the amount of $201.55. I called... More...
    karenlemont's Picture   karenlemont    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline -- Didn't get the discount advertised

    PRICELINE -- NEVER AGAIN!! Before making a reservation directly with the Hyatt in Orlando, I checked, and found that they were offering a 13% discount for Florida residents with the advance purchase through them. So I booked with, and paid in full with my credit card, at the time of purchase. They told me that the regular room rate was $169.00 and with the 13% discount, the rate would be $146.67. I later discovered that the regular room rate was $149.00 -- not $169.00!!! $149.00 less 13% = $129.63. I called Priceline Customer Service, to get a credit for... More...
    Castellid's Picture   Castellid    1 Comments   Comments
  • unhappy customer

    I booked a hotel room with you guys and of corse you needed my credit card #, I have booked several hotel's with my card. never has any motel taken money from my card untill I checked out,unaware of your policy I used your compasny to book my hotel. Your company immediately took money from my account which put me in a bind.after twenty minutes or so i was able to speak with a person ( that i could not understand) after asking three or four times i was able to speak with someone i could understand. she informed me that it could take upto three or four days to put my money back into my... More...
    Tonypait's Picture   Tonypait    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ridiculous policies on changes to a reservation

    I booked a hotel for three nights. I had a change of plans the night before and needed to change my hotel stay to two nights instead. However, Priceline's stupid system and policy does not provide such option! The only option they have, as bizarre as it can get, is to cancel the entire reservation and re-book which would cost me the cost for one night as penalty. The reason they gave was that the deadline to cancel for free was noon on the day before check-in. Right now, I am holding the hotel's cancellation policies in my hand right now as I am writing this review. No such policy... More...
    nagetony's Picture   nagetony    0 Comments   Comments
  • They promise but don't stick to it.

    I used priceline a lot but, the last time I made reservations for a hotel in Orlando, Fl. I had a lot of issues. When I went to check in the hotel they could not find a reservation. I show the hotel the confiramtion, but they stated tha priceline never sent the reservation to their system. After like three hours of arguing about it they said they were able to get the reservation via fax, but the problem at tha point was that there was no room available. The hotel somehow found some rooms for us, but those rooms where completely different from what we reserved. The three rooms smelled like... More...
    Rogerobt's Picture   Rogerobt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline booked my room for the wrong night.

    I have used Priceline on a regular basis to book hotel rooms. I recently booked a hotel room in san francisco on Priceline. I booked the room on a Saturday night at 730 pm. I intended to book the room for the next night, Sunday night. But when I went to the hotel on Sunday to check in, I was told the reservation was for Saturday night and not Sunday night. I called Priceline, and after some run around, I was told they would rebook the room for Sunday night. But 3 or 4 minutes later, the operator told me that the system would not allow her to rebook the room. When I asked her why she... More...
    michaelluongo's Picture   michaelluongo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect Quote

    I booked hotel reservations with Price Line on April 14, 2013 and was quoted a total of $402.00. Having been a reservations agent myself, I know to verify the quote - which I did, twice. I asked both times did the quote include taxes/fees and was told 'yes.' I even called back after the conversation to verify with a different agent and was told the same - $402 with all taxes and fees. The day before travel, I verified again but this time was told $454.00. I complained to the agent about the misquote and he advised me that the original quote was an "estimate." I told... More...
    2review's Picture   2review    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor product and service all around

    At the end of April, 2013 I started looking at hotel%u2019s via to stay in a hotel for the end of July, 2013. After a period of time of looking at the various hotels listed, I decided to use the name your own price option. Prior to selecting the name your own price bid, within my search options I had set the number of party to four adults. Also, prior to selecting the bid option I also purchased trip insurance in case I was not satisfied with the room choice. When I received the confirmation from Priceline; the room I received had only one king size bed for two adults????... More...
    hcermk's Picture   hcermk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Errored reservation

    To whom it may concern, My name is P L Domingo, I have been a Priceline customer since July 26, 2006. For my birthday I planned on renting a vehicle through Priceline and driving to Southern California to celebrate with family and friends. The reservation was going to be for a week starting on March 17, 2013. During the reservation process I decided to use the “name your own price” feature. Upon using this feature, I named my price and the system defaulted automatically from a full-sized vehicle to an economy sized vehicle. During the confirmation process I did not feel... More...
    ALL4PL's Picture   ALL4PL    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    In the process of making a bid for a Name Your Own Price trip, I was falsely charged by I was not prompted to confirm the trip by the website, despite customer service's claims that I initialed their trip agreement and clicked confirm. When I called to complain, the customer service, representative, Juan, was extremely unsympathetic to my situation. He was also condescending, at times. I asked for a one-time exception to their no refund policy, which he denied. I am being faulted a $340 trip that I am not able to take for Priceline's mistake. More...
    csiewert's Picture   csiewert    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    In the process of making a bid for a Name Your Own Price trip, I was falsely charged by I was not prompted to confirm the trip by the website, despite customer service's claims that I initialed their trip agreement and clicked confirm. When I called to complain, the customer service, representative, Juan, was extremely unsympathetic to my situation. He was also condescending, at times. I asked for a one-time exception to their no refund policy, which he denied. I am being faulted a $340 trip that I am not able to take for Priceline's mistake. More...
    csiewert's Picture   csiewert    0 Comments   Comments

    After speaking with several agents I will proceed with my complaint. I hope you understand that you have not made me happy. Priceline is misrepresenting itself by saying it has the lowest prices but in reality it DOES NOT. The hotel gave me a receipt that says 20 dollars cheaper than what Priceline quoted. They will not refund the difference. When I called to find out why they told me they would give me vouchers for further travel expenses. This is the first and only time I have/will use your company. I don't want any vouchers. You need to make this right with your customer. OR YOU... More...
    MOMORNANA's Picture   MOMORNANA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extended Stay: Nashville

    Called Hotel that was booked through Priceline, asked if early check in was avaliable, was told yes. When we arrived at the hotel we were told room was not clean and they would call us when it was. They never called, we did not check untill after 9:00 p.m. and they had no clean rooms. So we had to wait almost an hour before they found us a clean room. The reservation was booked and paid for, a clean room should have not been an issue. Plus there were bugs in the bathroom. Completly unacceptable. More...
    amarler's Picture   amarler    0 Comments   Comments
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