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  • Worse booking experience

    I booked my vacation first time with Priceline 264-900-212-62 to Miami , I added the trip protection specially they don't give u specific flight time . When the booking was confirmed I tried to amend the schedule to add more day not even cancel . But I was really shocked and surprised that I can't ... Then why did I pay protection as I get reply only in case of illness or death ... Which is very out of norms . I tried to call customer services and all I can get it is what it is as a fact More...
  • False description

    I had made hotel reservations at silverstone inn and suites because it specifically said that they had a 24 hr pool and hot tub. Upon arriving was told that these facilities would only be open until 10:30. After I had already spent the money through Priceline I had no option to back out knowing the hotel did not have the amenities that I was looking for. I hope this can be resolved. More...
  • Priceline

    Reserved a two day Hertz car rental with CD insurance through priceline. Arrived at the Hertz counter, was quoted a much higher rate, $174.00, and was told that the CD Insurance was invalid at Hertz. If the insurance is not accepted than why was I charged $21.98 for it and mislead to believe that I was gettting a good deal with pricelines cut-rate insurance. I followed the all the recommendations to the letter, no additional drivers, no add-ons, I'm well over 25, etc. The $101.00 I spent was a waste. When I contacted Customer Service regarding a refund, the agent was giggly and catty... More...
  • Rental Car Issues

    I rented a car from priceline serviced by Hertz. I called many times to make sure this was set, available and priceline assured me it was. After travelling two days exhasted went to pick up the rental just to find out...THE CAR RENTAL PLACE DOES NOT EXIST...seriously? the rental pick up was inside a condo and the manager had to be called to explain to me that that just got the contract with hertz but they have not even received cars to start called priceline stranded in the gulf coast area..and they had to book me the nearest place which was 1 hour the pensicola... More...
  • Name your own price / "bid"

    I booked a flight for my fiance to leave from EITHER fat OR bfl to clt. Once i clicked on name your own price / bid, they accepted my offer for $450..later i checked to make sure the info was right...and it wasn't; he was to fly from San Francisco to Charlotte.. that airport is 5 hours away from where he is currently at. I called priceline and was able to speak to a rep, have that cancelled with a cancellation fee of 150 along with a 10 that is non refundable. The guy told me to follow the steps into rebuying a ticket. I told him a few years back we were able to do it right over the... More...
  • Fraud & hard evidence

    I bought two airplane ticket from CHINA to USA. At the passager information page, the website does not point the frist name is NOT family name. All Chinese people put family in first name position, and then, the last name is given name (Just open any Chinese people passport or use Google). Priceline doesn't put any notice at the website. This is fraud! When you get feedback information about name error from airplane company, Priceline will charge you $30 per ticket. You can see and feel this is premeditated fraud. More...
  • Awful Experience

    Through, I Rented a car from Advantage Denver Intl Airport April 6-9 & am very disappointed with the experience & will never rent a car there again! First of all, I was lied to & told that their gas was 40 cents a gallon cheaper than in Denver, not true! The car's engine light came on & traction control was shut off & would not turn back on; which presented a big problem due to a snow storm. Along with the snow storm, there was no ice scraper available in the car. Since travel was advised against due to the storm, I was 1 hour late turning in the car... More...
  • Empower Customer Service to do the Right thing

    Be sure to read screens and offerings carefully. Amenities are not guaranteed when using 'Name you own price' tool. Free breakfast and free internet on one screen may not be shown in the next,what they refer to as contract. Contacted customer service. I offered to take a different location. Reservation can NOT be changed or canceled. Escalated to customer relations. Same outcome after one hour of waiting on hold. They offered mailing address to file complaint. What you see is not what you get. Beware. More...
  • Hotel

    Priceline promoted the Sheraton in Maui with a partial ocean view which we paid extra for and a lanai. In order to view the ocean, you had to be on the lanai. The ocean must have been a quarter of a mile away from our room and could only be viewed from the lanai, however the lanai was so small, only one chair could fit allowing only one person on the lanai. Since there were two of us, it was very disappointing. The hotel was dirty and unkept and the pool was not heated and cold. The hotel had only one spa that sit approximately 8 people for a hotel that accomodates 2,000. Very disappointed... More...
  • refund on unused rooms

    I recently booked 2 hotel rooms through Priceline's name your own price. The rooms were to be used by my parents for Christmas. After the rooms were booked and paid for my parent announced they would not be coming to visit because instead they were getting divorce. In addition my grandmother has become quite ill and my dad had to stay to take care of her. I immediately contacted Priceline through their email feature and asked if anything could be done. I realize there is a no changes/no cancellation policy, but the situation was out of my hands and I was hoping for some help. I never... More...
  • Bad business practices

    I'm not usually one to make a big deal about things. I make mistakes and I deal with the consequences but sometimes, things just make so little sense that it is impossible to allow it to go unsaid. I have been doing business with for a while, probably since they launched. I have made hotel, care and plane reservations through them. Sometimes, I have had to change or cancel my reservation and at times, I have even had to pay a small fee to do so, but this evening has not only changed my opinion of priceline, but has me so rattled that I feel like I am going to explode.... More...
  • Overcharged for hotel rooms by using Priceline

    The same two rooms for the same time period at Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay would have cost $172 (including tax and gratuity) per room per night by booking directly with Hilton versus the $255 per room per night that I was charged by booking through Priceline. Five attempts to contact Priceline regarding this price discrepancy were ignored. Priceline's supposed "best price guarantee" is only good for 24 hours after booking. By booking through Priceline I paid $1164.14 MORE for the same two rooms for the same seven night time period. SPREAD THE WORD-SAVE YOURSELF FRUSTRATION... More...
  • Priceline dishonest

    After receiving a confirmation on a Hotel in Park City Utah with the Name of the Hotel that the bid was received I found out upon check in that Priceline had booked me to a different Hotel within the resort. I showed the resort my letter from Priceline and they called their customer relations person. Both "The Canyons" and I called Priceline and got the run around. I was told that the GrandSummit Hotel Resort was the resort and all Hotels with in this resort could be used. I live and have grown up in SLC and stayed and skied in Park City more times then I can count so I knew this... More...
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  • Hotel Bid

    I am not happy with Priceline at all. I was searching for a hotel as my boss was going to attend a meeting at our corporate office. He was traveling with several associates from our company and needed to be in a hotel that was within walking distance of the meeting location. Priceline requires you to put in your information and credit card or it will not advance to the next screen. I placed my bid and assumed that it would come back and tell me which hotels accepted my bid and give me the option to choose one. It did not do this, it automatically made a reservation. The hotel that... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Priceline customer service rental car

    Lack of service in the middle of the night on April 14th when our rental car was not given to us because of a name glitch. The Priceline agent would not even assist us in rebooking and could barely speak English. He left us stranded with 3 children in the middle of the night. The Alamo people wanted to triple charge us after we had already prepaid for our rental a month earlier. They also laughed at us for using Priceline. It was a mess and we missed a day of our vacation because of the screw up and lack of service. I won't use Pricceline or Alamo again and will make sure I... More...
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  • Poor customer service

    We had to pay for rooms at the hotel that we had a confirmed reservations from Priceline - after calling Priceline that evening at the hotel it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to get no resolution other than to refund our money in 5-10 days. This ruined our trip as we were now $200 short in our spending money plus we had to pay for the hotel rooms - we booked for two friends and they were going to pay us for their rooms but they had to pay hotel directly as well. Priceline only blamed the hotel. We missed our dinner reservations as well. More...
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  • Priceline

    1am I booked a flight from BOS to San Juan. The trip was for 4 days and included hotel stay. The cost was about $450. This was a reasonable price for me so I went ahead and booked it. I entered all of my travel information along with billing information. After waiting for 1 hour to receive a confirmation I tried to refresh the page and it just logged me out and brought me back to the choices of bookings, which had mysteriously risen by $250 per ticket. I called Customer [dis]Service and was told that my booking never entered the system.......They didn't do anything. I checked... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Itinerary Number:583-464-201-12

    I booked a flight online through I accidently pushed a wrong date on the computer. Within a couple minutes I sent an email informing priceline of my error. Priceline basically said they would not refund or change the ticket date. Since I was to fly American Airines I called them and they said since the email show I let priceline know what happened right away, American Airlines policy was to issue a refund. Priceline again tole me they were not going to refund my money, would not change the date and let me fly at a later date. I'm on disability income and it... More...
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