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  • Booking for Hotel duplicated

    on 1/28/2017 using express service for hotel in Miami Beach Florida for overnight stay after a cruise...using their search no information was provided after card info was provided. Five minute wait...hit enter and the hotel info appeared. To my concern the hotel had terrible reviews and I chatted with Priceline on my concern...they quoted their refunds. Hours later in reviewing my emails--I discovered the duplication. I communicated with Priceline --hotel and my card company. No one offered solution. I follow thru with commitment to reservation at the hotel.... More...
    dmp827's Picture   dmp827    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of Priceline

    We reserved a smoking room at Candlewood Suites in Braintree, MA on priceline. We arrived at the hotel, no smoking rooms available. Due to the rush hour traffic in Boston, we had to drive another 4 hours to another hotel. I'm Sorry does not make up for that. We received no refund and got nothing but wasted time trying to resolve it. Both Priceline and management of the Candlewood hotel are seriously lacking in customer service and customer appreciation. Go anywhere else. Anywhere else but these 2 companies. More...
    boatmansfarm's Picture   boatmansfarm    0 Comments   Comments
  • deceptive trade practices

    On 7/18/14, I booked a room via for 7/19/14-7/21/14. After arriving at the hotel and attempting to check in on 7/19, the hotel stated that they had to record of me booking. I pulled up the confirmation via email and it was brought to my attention that the confirmation dates were for 8/16/14-8/18/14 and that I should call to have it changed. I spoke with the customer service representative who stated that she could not help me but she did refer me to a manager (Jasper-5260129). After what seemed like a long conversation with Mr. Jasper to try and get the date... More...
    MrWalker's Picture   MrWalker    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hotel Portales De Campestre

    HORRIBLE. I don't recommend it. Let me start with the pros to be fair. PROS: Staff seem genuinely kind hearted. Nice part of Poblado, a little remote neighborhood that is very clean and quiet. This is an old redone house. Nice little pool, usually empty. CONS: Check in takes about 30 minutes. No taxis go here, you have to walk down the hill to get one and they are not always able to call you one. Staff very inattentive, cannot do basic things like get you more water, etc. Overpriced for value you are getting. Internet does not work. Mosquito problem. They tried to charge me almost... More...
    archael2's Picture   archael2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service

    I cannot begin to tell you how bad the customer service it. I used to use priceline all the time, and expected this years trip to turn out just as well. Turns out the booking site made a mistake and booked my trip for a weekend in Dec not January. So not only did they charge my card $614 in September based off of claims that such a large purchase "must be paid up front" (which never happened previous years) But also when I called to dispute it I was HUNG UP ON by the women who considered herself to be the supervisor. I will never make this mistake again. Priceline is unfortunate... More...
  • Car rental insurance

    Very unhappy with the service. I purchased collision damage insurance with my car rental and to my was no good when I got to the counter to pick up my car. I had to purchase another insurance cus the 33 dollars I paid on your website was money in the garbage. WHY WOULD YOU OFFER AN INSURANCE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOT NOT GONNA BE ABLE TO USE???? This a complete SCAM!!! You shouldn't lie to your customers. I would never rent a car from this website again More...
    Heidymiranda's Picture   Heidymiranda    0 Comments   Comments
  •'s greed out weights their concern for customer satisfaction

    I thought I could take's reputation by their own words but learned the hard way that I couldn't. My husband and I tried to go see his family in CA back in early 2013 but had to cancel due to a death among our friends. Unable to cancel, which isn't mentioned anywhere in their advertising or on the itinerary, I had to except a credit with them. Looking to use this credit on Jan 9th, I went ahead and used all $600 of the credit to book 2 flights for my husband and I to CA to see his family again. I had to pay $360 for the change, then I had no time off for... More...
    hatiyai's Picture   hatiyai    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline overcharged for hotel room

    On a booking recently of Homewood Suites through Priceline, I was charged $63.98 more than what the hotel receipt showed after our stay. Upon calling Priceline, the first response was "there is nothing we can do" Upon being totally incensed, I called back and was told they would issued me a coupon for $50 toward our next reservation. After getting the "COUPON", it stated that it was for $5 per night up to 5 nights. HUH, that seems like $25 not $50. And since we do have a trip booked in June, I asked if it could be applied to that trip...of course not :( Needless to... More...
    alm502's Picture   alm502    0 Comments   Comments
  • FALSE ADVERTISING for Express Deal

    BEWARE WHEN USING PRICELINE EXPRESS DEAL! On Priceline website, they are putting the sample of hotels with their related star. For 2 stars it is said to be similar to Comfort Inn, Best Western, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, etc. For 1 star they are similar to Rodeway Inn, Econolodge, Motel 8, Red Roof Inn. I booked a 2 star hotel, and got a SURF MOTEL that is similar to 1 star. When I called the customer service, (Juan is the customer relation from Priceline that talked to me), he said that from independent website such as Travelocity, or Tripadvisor, Surf Motel is 2 star. When I check,... More...
    mtjahjana's Picture   mtjahjana    1 Comments   Comments
  • Missleading Insurance

    I used to book a one night stay in Charlotte, NC. My very first time to use the name your own price. Well, I booked the non refundable room due to the insurance that Priceline advertised. It said in case of sickness or emergency and you could not go it would cover the cost of the booking. Well, one of us got the 24hr stomach bug that likes the bathroom a lot and of course we can not go on the trip. I canceled with the hotel but when I called Priceline, I was informed I needed either a doctor or hospital bill verifying the sickness. That must have been in the small print.... More...
    pbigelow3666's Picture   pbigelow3666    0 Comments   Comments

    So, my mom accidentally put in the wrong date that we needed to travel and right away called priceline and they said they will charge 150 cancellation fee per ticket until rebooking is complete then it will only be a cancel charge of 30 per ticket. Problem with this.... there are no returning flights for the time we would need on the correct date...and they told me this was my problem not theirs. If I cannot find a returning flight for the time I need then I am out of luck and they will not refund the 150 per ticket WOW. I am disputing the charge with my bank More...
    Jennyd153's Picture   Jennyd153    0 Comments   Comments
  • Civic Center Inn San Francisco

    I just came back from San Francisco booked a Civic Center Inn via priceline and got stuck for 7 night in a smelling with urine, full of homeless people neighbourhood in a hotel where I was beaten by bed bugs(!!!)- 40 bites including those on my face (!!!)after the first night with NON-REFUNDABLE reservation. Thank you, that was indeed once in a lifetime experience! More...
    Karolina's Picture   Karolina    0 Comments   Comments
  • They do not fulffill the big deal guarantee

    I have made a booking via name your own price on Priceline. The price I bid was $95 for a 3 star hotel in Miami, when I received the email with the hotel I checked the average rate at the hotel was $91.23 at their website and submitted the claim. They said that would not refund because of the taxes values being different from the hotel website to Priceline. I loooked at the big deal guarantee terms and per the terms the taxes and fees are not considered when requesting the claim. So I wrote again, this time to receive a message that no matter what, my booking was non cancellable and non... More...
    ranerio's Picture   ranerio    0 Comments   Comments
  • Be aware, the asked hotel may not be in the selected area using Priceline

    Be aware, the asked hotel may not be in the selected area using Priceline I have used priceline for most of my destination hotels for 5 years!! I have never complained about any hotel even if it is not as I wished to, since, I have got what been promised to.. Now, when it comes that the chosen hotel using their bidding system is not in the selected area, I will loudly complain!! What did I do? 1st I emailed to let them know it is not in their shaded area, it is in an idustraial area!, please cancel/change my reservation. They replied with sorry, it is in that area.... More...
    almunif's Picture   almunif    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline false ad and unrefunded payment

    Their customer relations was so rude and didnt even want to give any refund from the amount Ive paid for. It wasnt properly disclosed to me their policy about time for cancellation. Also when I double checked with the hotel, the number of beds provided in the room which priceline put in their ad as best guaranteed is not true. Marriott gateway on the falls that that's the problem with priceline, meaning they post information to attract the public to buy from them which is not even guranteed as to the details specified about rooms and even additional fees. Bottomline, I should not have... More...
    mvillaluz333's Picture   mvillaluz333    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Ad and very discourteous customer relations and customer service

    I booked my hotel reservation for Marriott Gateway Canada over the phone by calling the customer service. I am asking for refund because due to personal reason my husband couldnt cross the border to canada which I didnt expect at all. Their customer relations officer was not courteous enough to resolve my issue and even asked if no refund can be given, just transfer that reservation to any hotel in New York side. Of course, I did pay for $310 to priceline to Marriott Gateway on the falls that I never even used at all. False Ad, false information from the very beginning also... More...
    mvillaluz333's Picture   mvillaluz333    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissatisfied Customer

    Having not used Priceline previously I was hesitant about the process but decided to give it a try. I first reviewed their published price (which shows the name of the hotel and the nightly rate) site. Upon becoming comfortable with their rating system I tried the 'choose your own price' option. However, it is not made clear (in my opinion) that although they use the same rating system in both portions of the website, the rating system means totally different things (i.e. even though you are booking off what is portrayed as the same hotel rating, you will receive a... More...
    bobmonaghan's Picture   bobmonaghan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ripoff! Be careful

    Be very careful! They charged taxes and fees twice on my hotel booking. They add these additional amount before my bid is accepted and after as well. It happened twice in a week. Reporting a problem is extremely hard. Because all the staff there insisted that I'm wrong and the charges are correct. They all said like robot "there's nothing we can do". Those customer relations staff are all from the 3rd country, and repeat their policy as written - pointless to talk to them. When I asked to let me talk to the supervisor, all they said was to write a letter to the... More...
    Joyful's Picture   Joyful    1 Comments   Comments


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